Les Amateurs d’Estampes


The association was created on 24 November 2017, when a print dealer wanted to bring together passionate collectors and make them meet each other: very quickly, a consensus was reached on the desire to share this enthusiasm with a maximum number of enthusiasts.
It welcomes all those who are captivated by prints, collectors or not, artists, gallery owners, curators, academics, students: the promotion of prints, from their beginnings to the present day, is our main objective.

This is achieved through participation in exhibitions, fairs, conferences and all types of events where printmaking is represented, but it is also first and foremost a place for meetings and exchanges between members, through the organisation of exhibition visits or conferences.

We are very keen to develop relations with other associations with similar interests, as well as being a partner in the loan of works from our members for museum exhibitions.

Finally, we are keen to help academics and students with their research and, if necessary, to encourage the publication of works based on their work.


Artists presented at the Paris Print Fair

Pascale HÉMERY

Sébastien LE CLERC
Fernand LÉGER
Alfredo MÜLLER
Pieter Van DEN KEERE


President : Joseph de Colbert
+33 6 12 73 10 22
Secretary : Gérard Jouhet
+ 33 6 42 04 51 63


Félix Buhot (1847-1898), La Fête nationale au boulevard de Clichy, 1878, etching, 31.7 x 23.5 cm. Private collection

Henri Landier (1935- ), Colibri, the Charleston Dancer, 1962, coloured etching and aquatint. Edition of 46 copies 62 x 42 cm. Private collection