Nathalie Béreau Gallery

Paris / Chinon

Founded in 2004, Galerie Nathalie Béreau celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.
Nomadic since 2011, the gallery exhibits mainly in Paris, but also in the Touraine region, in singular and atypical venues. Specializing in art contemporary, the gallery represents some twenty artists focusing on painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and installations. Also specializing in works on paper and contemporary prints, the gallery focuses on the limits imposed on artists.
Like tightrope walkers, they play with the codes of art history, create works in which recycling is not an empty word, and reflect on today’s world and our relationship with nature.
The artists exhibited – Valérie Belmokhtar, Chloé Bocquet, Caroline Bouyer, Anaïs Charras and Atsuko Ishii – present new works, and each in her own way represents the lines that the gallery has been defending for several years.
The website remains a privileged link for information on the gallery’s various activities, exhibition news, works selected for sale and follow-up on the artists represented.

Artists presented at the Paris Print Fair



By appointment in Paris
Mail address
Galerie Nathalie Béreau
6, rue du Dr Gendron – n° 4
37500 Chinon
+ 33 6 79 71 26 44

Chloé Bocquet, Nocturne 1, 2022, woodcut and linocut, 1095 x 695 mm, Edition of 5.
Signed and numbered. Courtesy Nathalie Béreau gallery

Atsuko Ishii, The secrets of an island, 2023, etching printed in color on paper, 24×30 cm, edition of 31. Signed, dated and numbered. Courtesy Nathalie Béreau gallery

Valérie Belmokhtar, Hyacinthe, 2023, drypoint, edition of 20, 21×30 cm printed area, 30×40 cm Arches paper
Signed, dated and numbered. Courtesy Nathalie Béreau gallery

Caroline Bouyer, Palimpsest series, 2023-2024
Drypoint, 20x30cm
Unique piece n°1/1. Courtesy Nathalie Béreau gallery

Anaïs Charras, Replicas, 2023
Burin on copper, background glued chineses, partial glued chineses
3 plates per print on one sheet: 6 x 40/12 x 40/20 x 40 cm. Edition of 15
Numbered and signed by the artist in pencil. Courtesy Nathalie Béreau gallery