Nathalie Béreau Gallery

Paris / Chinon

Founded in 2004, the Nathalie Béreau gallery, nomadic since 2011, exhibits mainly in Paris in atypical places but also in Touraine. Specialized in contemporary art, the gallery represents about twenty artists, focusing in particular on painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and installations.
It also specialises in works on paper and contemporary prints, and focuses on the limits imposed on artists. Those who, like tightrope walkers, play with the codes of art history, create works in which recycling is not an empty word, and reflect on the present world and our relationship with nature.
In 2021 the gallery created an online sales space where art lovers can find the works outside of the exhibitions.
For Paris Print Fair, the gallery is offering “Urban landscapes” in carborundum and drypoint by Caroline Bouyer (born in 1972, Prix Lacourière) and the “Personal reality show” engravings by Atsuko Ishii, an artist of Japanese origin (born in 1970). Living in France since 1995, she masters the complex ancient technique of etching printed in colour. In addition to the prints of photographer Tony Soulié (born 1955), the gallery presents other young printmakers such as Anaïs Charras and Chloé Bocquet.

Artists presented at the Paris Print Fair



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Galerie Nathalie Béreau
6, rue du Dr Gendron – n° 4
37500 Chinon
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Tony Soulié, New York 2022, enhanced lithograph, 110×70 cm, limited edition to 75​. Courtesy Nathalie Béreau gallery.

Atsuko Ishii, Countless, fearless, beauties, 2022, etching printed in colors, n°3/31, numbered and signed, 24 x 32 cm including margins. Courtesy Nathalie Béreau gallery.

Chloé Bocquet, La couleur est une image (paysage), 2021, drypoint and monotype, image size 10×30 cm, paper size 25×32.5 cm, 2 edition of 13. Courtesy Nathalie Béreau gallery.

Caroline Bouyer, Les Frigos, Paris XIII, carborundum etching and drypoint printing in black and colours on paper. Sheet size: 57 x 76 cm. Edition of 30 copies signed in the margin in pencil. Courtesy Nathalie Béreau gallery.

Anaïs Charras, Dernier tour de clef, drypoint and burin on copper, chine collé ( Kizuki) on Incisioni 310 gr, 2022, Edition of 30, Paper: 50 x 60 cm, Plate: 30 x 40 cm. Courtesy Nathalie Béreau gallery.